There are two webcams available to view the puppies.

The first is a simple youtube live link, just go to

The second one lets you take complete control of the camera, but you have to geek out a bit to exercise your inner control freak.  Also, it is a bit jerky right now, but I am working on that.  There are two ways to access this camera.  You can download a free app (MyDlinkLite) or you can log into the camera via the website:  In either case you will need a login:

If you use the website as the portal, your browser will ask you to load a "mydlink services plugin".  I have done it and there does not seem to be anything spammish about it - I believe it is safe. But make sure you know how to remove plugins from your browser so that you can get rid of it when you no longer need it.  If you don't know how to do that, Google is your friend.

Once you have logged in to the camera, you have full control.  You can rotate the camera, zoom, set it into sweep mode, change the refresh rate, take pictures, etc.  In other words, you can have fun but you can also create all kinds of chaos.  :)  Email me if it gets out of control ( or contact me through cell or facebook. 

Logging in should automatically select the camera name "Puppy"; if not, select it.  There are three tabs: Live View, SD Card, and Settings. Please do not mess with the Settings.  Pretty please.  With sugar.  ;)   Under Live View, you will see the camera screen and a tray of icons that looks like this:

If you hover over an icon for a second or two, it will tell you what it is.  Most of these are self explanatory.  Starting from the left, what these icons control are:
1) Microphone.  It should be "x"-ed out since I have it set off.
2) Spacer bar
3) Triangle shape that scrolls the icon panel left
4) Brightness adjust
5) Zoom control
6) Camera looking icon takes a snapshot.  For some reason, the field of view of the snap is much bigger than the field of view of the live view
7) Resolution.  I have it set at 480p, which is the middle level, but if you have a good internet connect and want more detail, have at it!
8) Auto Day/Night view.  I usually leave this set at auto, which means the camera decides.  If there is enough light, you get full color ambient light video.  If the camera (or you) moves into night mode, the IR lights come on and you get a gray-scale night vision view.
9) Two-way audio.  I have this set off, which means you can't hear me and you can't send audio to the camera to make little kissey noises to the puppies.
10) Sweep mode.  You can only see this icon if you scroll the icon tray to the right.  More in this below.
11) Tilt/Pan control.  You can only see this icon if you scroll the icon tray to the right. This is the most fun - you have to try this!  See below.
12) Triangle shape that scrolls the icon panel right
13) Spacer bar
14) Full screen mode

Regarding the Sweep mode icon: the most common mistake is to put the camera in sweep mode where it is continually rotating back and forth.  There is a control icon that looks like it has a smiley face; if you click on that, the sweep mode starts.  To get out of that, click on the icon to the right of it (tilt/pan) and then change the view - it will cancel auto-sweep mode.

Tilt/Pan control.  Fiddle with sliders on the right side and the bottom to chase puppies around.  Go back to the zoom control icon to get up close and personal.  Unfortunately, you will have to scroll the icon tray to the left to see it.  These two icons should be next to each other - bad interface design.  If you tilt and pan and get lost, you can always reset to the Home view in the Camera View selector.  Also, feel free to add your own favorite views.

That's it - have fun!