Puppy Buyer Questionnaire

The following questions will help us to determine the best puppy for you. Do the best you can in answering the questions. Complete this questionnaire and send it to: coolpatt@cox.net
Name: ________________________________
E-mail Address: _________________________
Home Address: _________________________________________
Day Phone Number: __________________________
Evening Phone Number: __________________________

1.Family Information:
2.How many adults live in your home? _____
3.Do you have any children? _____
Ages of children in the home: _____________
4.Do all members of your family want to get a puppy? _____
5.Do any family members have allergies to dogs? _____
6.Who will be the primary care giver for your puppy? __________________________
7.Have you ever owned a dog before? _____
What happened to that dog? _________________________________________
8.Have you ever given a dog away or taken one to a pound or shelter? _____
If so, what were the circumstances? ___________________________________
9.If your family circumstances change (new baby, change of residence or job),
what will happen to the dog? ________________________________________
10. Do you currently own any other pets? _____
If so, please list them_______________________________________________
11. Do you have a veterinarian? _____
If so, please provide name, address, and phone number
 12. What kind of vehicle do you drive? Is it large enough to carry a dog crate?___________________________________________


Housing Information:
1.Do you live in a house / apartment / condo / townhouse? ______________________
2.If renting, do you have your landlord’s permission to have a dog? _____
3.Do you have a yard? _____
If so, how large? ___________________________
4.If not, how do you plan to exercise your dog? ______________________________
5.Is your yard completely fenced with secure fencing? _____
How high? ____________________
6.If not, would you be willing to do so before bringing home a new puppy or build
a secure run for the puppy to be in when not being supervised? _____
Puppy Information:

1.Why have you decided to buy a Golden Retriever Dog?

 Are you aware of health problems that may affect a Golden Retriever Dog? _____
4.How do you feel about a dog that sheds? __________________________________
5.Do you prefer male or female? _______________
6.Please rank the following factors in order of importance to you in your choice of
a puppy (1 = most important):
a.Structure/Looks _____
b.Potential Breeding Animal _____
c.Temperament _____
d.Potential Hunting Dog _____
e. Sex _____
f.Pet Therapy _____
g.Potential Obedience/Agility Dog _____
h.Search & Rescue _____
i.Family Companion _____
j.4H or FFA project _____
k.Potential Show Dog _____
l.Other _____
Where will your dog live (inside, outside, combination of both)? ________________
1. Is anyone home during the day? _____
2.How many hours on the average will your dog spend alone? _____
3.Will there be someone available to feed and exercise the puppy during the day?
4.Where will your puppy spend the time when no one is at home? _______________
5.Where will your puppy stay if you go out of town? __________________________
6.Where will the puppy sleep at night? _____________________________________
7.Are you going to crate-train your puppy? __________________________________
8.Are you willing to take your puppy to obedience classes? _____
9.Have you completed any AKC titles on other dogs? _____
If so please describe: ______________________________________________
10. Is this your first puppy or the first one in many years? _____
11. Do you plan to spay or neuter your puppy? _____
12. If this is a potential show puppy, please list some references (i.e., breeders,
trainers, etc.) ______________________________________________________________
13.Have you ever bred a dog/dogs before? _____
If so please elaborate: _____________________________________________
14.How did you hear about us? ___________________________________________
15.Any other comments or questions?
Thanks for your interest in a Glencooley Golden puppy! Your answers to the questions are
not the only factor in the determination of your potential as a Golden Retriever owner.